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It is my greatest passion to meet people where they are and allow them to guide me through their stories and settings.  I honour each client's unique journey and identity with a collaborative, empathic approach.

Group Therapy

As much as I find individual work deeply fulfilling, there is nothing quite like the powerful healing that takes place within a groups of individuals coming together.  Click here to see current and future group offerings.

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Couples & Relationships

I utilize data-driven, culturally competent methods to help partners of various relationship styles find ways to create space in their relationships for all needs to be addressed and understood.  Healthier communication, structure, and healing are within reach.

Brain-Based Therapy

Brainspotting and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are increasingly popular, powerful treatment modalities.  These brain-based therapies work to rapidly minimize trauma, promote insight, and improve hopefulness.  Utilizing the understanding of neuroplasticity afforded us since the advent of neuroimaging, offering the safest and fastest ways to rewire the brain.

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Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Contact me to see if we're a good fit for your supervision toward licensure, or to consult on a case pertinent to my work.

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