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A. Maria Marcelin, LCSW, M.Ed

Therapist, Educator, Coach, Fellow Human

Maria is the founder of Deeper Routes, LLC, which provides educational and therapeutic support to individuals, groups, and romantic systems, and consultation to professionals and organizations.  She is a licensed clinical social worker currently serving clients in the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware, and internationally.

She celebrates catering to a clientele diverse in worldview, faith, class/status, country of origin, and neurological and physical presentation in an effort to make healing accessible to all.  A seasoned trauma therapist, Maria specializes in working with individuals living with attachment injuries resulting from abuse, neglect, relinquishment/adoption, immigration/relocation, and from personal developments that differentiate or alienate individuals from their families and communities, such as Third Culture Kids.  Her work — largely in the form of Narrative Therapy, Gottman Method couples counseling, Brainspotting, and EMDR — is relational, systems-focused, data-informed, and anti-racist. 

Maria is a psychedelic assisted psychotherapist, practicing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at the SoundMind Center in West Philadelphia.  At Deeper Routes, Maria provides integration sessions to clients not associated with SoundMind.

She honors the position she holds as a psychotherapist, a profession with a history riddled with oppressive structures. Maria is passionate about increasing access and choice by reducing the gaps in services available to members of communities affected by poverty, White supremacy, and misogyny. 

You can learn more about Maria's education, training, and practice areas on her PsychologyToday page.

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